The Path of Enlightenment (Code of the Church)

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The Path of Enlightenment (Code of the Church) Empty The Path of Enlightenment (Code of the Church)

Post by Reverant Revan on Sat Aug 15, 2015 12:19 pm

The Path of Enlightenment, also known as The Code of the Church or Code of Light, is one of the 3 documents of the Church of Equality.
The Path of Enlightenment in a code, a series of phrases or hymns, that describe the way we interact as individuals, unlike the Code of Conduct, which describes the way we interact as a church.

The Code of Light (Path of Enlightenment)

There is no war, there is only peace
There is no hate, there is only love
There is no anger, there is only serenity
There is no fear, there is only faith
There is no ignorance, there is only knowledge
There is no chaos, there is only harmony
There is no death, there is only life
There is no greed, there is only generosity
There is no lie, there is only truth
There is no race, there is only unity
There is no crime, there is only justice
There is no evil, there is only honor
There is no bigotry, there is only equality

There shall be no salvation for these who are willfully ignorant
Those who rather believe the lies then seek the truth
Those who rather live in blind ignorance then seek knowledge and understanding
Those who blindly follow their leaders without questioning their motives
Those who ignore problems instead of trying to find a solution

Heaven is the future we build for ourselves
Hell is being stuck in the past
The purpose of life is to evolve into a species capable of shaping the universe around us,
to become that what we were created to be,
to grow and prosper as a unified species,
to bring us closer to Heaven
Reverant Revan
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