The Code of Conduct (rules of the church)

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The Code of Conduct (rules of the church)

Post by Reverant Revan on Sat Aug 15, 2015 10:44 am

The Code of Conduct is one of the 3 documents of our religion, and explains the rules of the Church of Equality as an organisation, where The Path of Enlightenment (also known as "The Code of Light") outlines the principles individuals live by.

The Code of Conduct, or rules of the church, are very simple and direct:

1. We shall never ask for money.
2. We shall never file for tax exempt status.
3. We shall never force our religion onto others.

And that's it.
So let's go a little deeper into these 3 simple rules.

We shall never ask for money.
If people volunteer to give us a donation, that is great, and we would certainly welcome that and thank you for it.
But we will never ask for donations.
This is because people might feel pressured, intimidated or obligated into donating when a church asks them for money.
Not to mention that we are a religion, not a corporation or charity or cult.
Everyone who works for the Church of Equality does so as a volunteer, and therefore doesn't get paid.
Only expenses people make (like fuel for your car or train tickets) can and will be paid for.

We shall never file for tax exempt status.
We are not an official (registered) religion and we like to keep it that way.
The reason for this is because we welcome people from all religions into our church, and we do not believe this is in conflict with any religion one may already have and still practices after joining us.
Also, we believe that a church shouldn't have more rights then other people or corporations.
If and when we make a profit, for whatever reason, we should pay our fair share in taxes.
We would not be the Church of Equality if we thought ourselves to be "better" or more deserving then others, or held ourselves to the same standards we expect from others.

We shall never force our religion onto others.
Basicly, we are talking about conversion.
We don't do that.
If people want to join us willingly, that is great and we welcome that.
But we should never try to push people into joining us.
Invite, yes. Force, no.
Nor shall we ever force our beliefs on others.

These are the rules our church lives by.
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