The Church of Equality requests your help.

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The Church of Equality requests your help. Empty The Church of Equality requests your help.

Post by Reverant Revan on Sun Sep 20, 2015 1:49 pm

Because the Church of Equality is a 21st century international religion that mostly operates online through social media, we are in need of volunteers to help us spread our message of equality and reach out to people online or in their own communities.

There are no demands for any of the functions, other then a belief or vision that coincides with the beliefs and vision of the Church of Equality, which is the belief that we are all created equally and are therefore different, yet equal and should be treated equally with equal rights, responsibilities and protection.

We are looking for volunteers to fill the following positions:

Forum Moderators
This is not a religious function, so there are no requirements other then the willingness to moderate this forum.

People who wish to become a Reverant or Deacon and shall be instructed and certified by me.

People who are willing to join the church community and help us out with basic tasks like fundraising campaigns, spreading awareness of our church and our work or collect signatures for petitions.
Most of these tasks can be performed online and should not take much time.

Spiritual leaders of a congegration.
If you have a space that can be used to congegrate, either physical or online, have at least 4 confirmed followers and agree to the terms and conditions as described in our Church Statute, then you can register your congegration with us by sending us your information:
- The name and place of residence of the leader of the congegration (city + country)
- The ID code of your legal ID (ID card or passport, required for legal purposes)
- A valid email address where we can contact you
- The name of your church / congegration
- The names and place of residence of your followers
Only the name of the church / congegration, it's location by city and country and the name of it's Reverant shall be made public.
All other information will be considered private and shall therefore be shared with no one.

If you are willing to help us out with any of these tasks, please contact us:

Email: or
Twitter: @church_equality or @reverantrevan
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