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Black Lives Matter Empty Black Lives Matter

Post by Reverant Revan on Sat Aug 15, 2015 7:32 pm

So, why "black lives matter" and not "all lives matter"?
Because "all lives matter" is a statement, "black lives matter" is a plea for help.

When you have a system in place that is specificly designed to target, incarcerate and exterminate black people, that is the literal definition of ethnic cleansing.

Over 1000 unarmed black people get killed by the police each year, that is on average 3 every day.
Prisons are overwhelmingly populated by black people and if you are black you are 9 times more likely to be pulled over or stopped by police, 10 times more likely to be arrested and 20 times more likely to be injured or killed during that arrest.

Not only that, but the news media treats every single one of these shootings of unarmed black people as an isolated incident and refuse to acknowledge the continious and systemic racism that still very much exists in America.

From the Confederate battleflag to the KKK, from "stand your ground" laws to voter suppression, it's everywhere and constant.
How can anyone look at the mountains of obvious and irrefutable evidence and still deny there are some very serious race issues that need to be solved and soon.

Those who intensionally deny what's going on are not good people, because no one who has a heart or any sense of decency can look at the horrific truth and not only ignore it, but actively deny the problem even exists.
This is wrong.
This is evil.

This is not justice.
This is not fair.
This is not constitutional.
This is not right.

These things shouldn't happen in a free and just society.
The world is watching and this isn't exactly the kind of thing that helps America's reputation.
Torture, spying on allies and U.S. citizens, kidnapping EU civilians by CIA, secret prisons, corruption scandals, Iraq, the treatment of the LGBT community, rampant racism and the list goes on.

America can be so much better then this.
America has the means and the power to truly be the greatest nation on Earth.
Why not seize that potential?
Why not face these problems and fix them?

I truly hope reason will previal and the American public and politicians alike will have the courage to face the ugly truth and do the right thing.
Before you can fix a problem, you must first admit there is one.

Be the country you always claim to be and become something greater.
Grow, prosper, evolve, advance, move forever forward and create something beautiful.
Be a country you can be truly proud of without having to defend why.
I know you can.
Reverant Revan
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