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Post by Reverant Revan on Sat Aug 15, 2015 3:26 pm

The Equilibrium is the most sacred of our 3 church documents.
Basicly, it's our version of The 10 Commandments.

The Equilibrium is portrait as an open book, whose 2 pages represent the scale of justice and balance of equality also known as the equilibrium, hence it's name.

The Equilibrium consists of 2 pages, each with 10 phrases, representing 10 rights and 10 duties, like a mirror.
For each right you have, you also have an equal responsibility.

Page 1: The Right of Equality

Every one has the right to expres own opinion (freedom of speech and expression)
Every one has the right to a home (housing)
Every one has the right to make their own choices (freedom of choice)
Every one has the right to love and be loved (freedom of marriage, relationships, adoption)
Every one has the right to fair treatment (legal representation, innocent until proven guilty)

Every one has the right to choose their leader (freedom of representation, democracy)
Every one has the right to the truth (freedom of information, freedom of the press, no censorship)
Every one has the right to water and food (I think this one explains itself)
Every one has the right to healthcare (human health should not be a business)
Every one has the right to freedom and liberty (no fascism, supression, segregation, etc)

Page 2: The Law of Equality

Always respect all life (yes, that includes animals and plantlife)
Always treat others like you want to be treated (uphold your own standards for others and live by it)
Always be honest and fair (don't be a liar or a hypocrit)
Always strive to improve yourself and the world around you (learn, grow, evolve, improve)
Always question those who lead you (learn about the people you vote for, their motives)

No one deserves to be worshipped, for no one is perfect (perfection is an illusion, so is infallibility)
There shall be no salvation for those who are willfully ignorant (stupidity costs lives)
We are all different yet equal (no one is more deserving then another person)
Waste is a sin (don't waste food, water, money, or anything else)
Avoid conflict and violence (disagree, but stay civil)
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