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Post by Reverant Revan on Sat Oct 03, 2015 9:07 am

Tip 1:
Hedgehogs like to sleep on tarmac, because it stays warm in the summer.
This is one of the reason so many are killed on tarmac roads.
If you find one sleeping in the middle of the road, like I do on occasion, here is a way to pick them up without getting your hands pierced:

Stretch out your hand and get under the hedgehog.
When you reach the soft belly, move your fingers as if you're putting on a mitten.
The hedgehog will try to protect it's underside by forcing itself into a tighter ball.
This will wrap the hedgehog around your hand, allowing you to lift the hedgehog without dropping it.
Hold your other hand behind the hedgehog in case it let's go and gently walk the hedgehog to some nearby bushes or your garden if you have one.

Always make sure you wash your hands afterwards, because hedgehogs can be crawling with parasites, which have a symbiotic relationship with hedgehogs because they clean up the space between the needles of the hedgehog.

Tip 2:
For some reason, hedgehogs love catfood, specially the dry variety.
So if you want to attract hedgehogs, leaving out a bowl or plate of dry catfood and some water for them to drink (it's dry catfood, after all) will attract them.

Tip 3:
Another way to attract hedgehogs is to build a shelter.
Or buy one, in the form of an outside rabbit shelter (since they are similar in size).
Hedgehog shelters is where they sleep and since hedgehogs are nocturnal the space must be dark.
So a box with a hole in it covered by something to keep rain out with a sawdust or straw floor would be fine.
Or a kitty litter box with a piece of dark cloth covering the opening to keep the light out.
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